Let say, I have 2 collection

first one :-


  title:"test Sample",
  price: 250
  quantity: 40

which consist approx ~10000 objects (Array) and unique field is source_id.

Second :-



which consist of ~500 and only have field "product_id" which is equals to "source_id" of db.product_main

now, i want to intersect two collection so that i only find those which don't exist in db.product_id.

db.product_main.aggregate({any query})


Just use the lookup stage to find the products associated with the 'product_main' collection and then match for empty array (i.e. records where no product_id was found)

    $lookup: {
      from: "product_id",
      localField: "source_id",
      foreignField: "product_id",
      as: "products_available"
    $match: {
      products_available: {
        $size: 0

On WRITE operations using aggregate pipeline You can also directly offload statistics update by using $out command and store cached result in product_stats collection (for example).

Later in web/ui/api READ operations just use this cached collection. Of cause, You can create database query methods for cached and non-cached results.

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