I'm planning to make a script for package installation, mainly targeted for EC2 Instances.

What I'm planning to do is amazon-linux-extras, and curl and curl if ec2, else yum add-repo.

However, what I'm concerned is this script being run by non-ec2 instances as I'm planning to share this script with the public, and the main concern is some machines that aren't EC2 instances having access to

I googled that IP address but couldn't find another use case other than AWS. Is it okay to assume curl returning something means they're EC2 instance?


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A little late to answer this question but just in case anyone else comes across this question as well; not only AWS uses Other cloud services that also use for accessing their instance metadata includes Digital Ocean, Azure, OpenStack/RackSpace, HP Helion. This is as far as I know of as of today.

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