Looked far and wide for this issue and couldn't figure it out.

Im working with 1 WKWebViews and a remote url which contains html/js code that can post and receive js messages.

The 2 messages which are important to know about are open and broadcast.

Say I have 2 buttons in my Viewcontroller, one called open and another broadcast both buttons trigger a js callback. when I tap open I push a view controller to the screen and the open js callback will return a url of the next request to load for the WebView.

This functionality works fine, each time the open button is tapped I push a new view controller (which is the same view controller that contains the open & broadcast buttons.

Now the problem is this, the specs of the broadcast button is that when its tapped I have to get the backlist of the WebView and for each backlist item I have to send a js message to the webpage.

The end result is all previous pages in the WebViews backlist should be updated according to the broadcast data.

What my current solution is (not working :( ) is that for each backItem, I create a WKWebView and load the url the call the evaluateJavascript method on that newly created WebViews .

But I get this error each time that javascript is executed -

Optional(Error Domain=WKErrorDomain Code=4 "A JavaScript exception occurred" 

WKJavaScriptExceptionMessage=ReferenceError: Can't find variable: JSBridge, WKJavaScriptExceptionColumnNumber=10,

WKJavaScriptExceptionSourceURL=about:blank, NSLocalizedDescription=A JavaScript exception occurred})

here's the code which triggers that error

func broadcast<T: Codable>(_ jsElement: JSElement, with data: T) {
    let backlists = webview.backForwardList.backList
    return recursiveBroadcast(jsElement, backlists: backlists, data: data)

private func recursiveBroadcast<T: Codable>(_ jsElement: JSElement, backlists: [WKBackForwardListItem], data: T) {
    guard !backlists.isEmpty, let backlist = backlists.last else { return }
    var shortenedBacklist = backlists
    let request = URLRequest(url: backlist.initialURL)
    let _ = (broadcastWebView.evalJavascript(javascriptFuncName: jsElement.method) as Promise<Any?>).done { a in }
    recursiveBroadcast(jsElement, backlists: shortenedBacklist, data: data)

i'm also using PromiseKit to wrap the evaluateJavascript WKWebViews call incase your wondering :D

The js method which is being sent to the broadcastWebView is


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