I'm trying to implement the following logic in my go program:

def action:
 1. GET the value of KEY from Redis
 2. SET the value of KEY to 0

I'm using go-redis module to interact with my Redis instance.

I'm familiar with Redis transactions but I couldn't seem to find a decent document or example on how to implement the desired set of actions in a concurrent-safe and atomic manner in Golang.

Question: How can I implement the defined action and be sure no other Redis operation will take place between steps 1 and 2 even if I access my Redis instance from different go routines?


You can accomplish this by using the single Redis command GETSET, which will be atomic:


More broadly, there's nothing Go-specific about ensuring atomicity in Redis. You just use the same Redis transaction facilities (via the Go Redis client) that you're familiar with.

  • thanks but what if I needed to implement a different set of actions which don't have an atomic equivalent command? – Kayvan Mazaheri Mar 11 at 13:27

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