I have been using Service Worker for a while with the following code in my sw.js.

var cacheName = 'myCache';
var filesToCache = [

self.addEventListener('install', function(e) {
  console.log('[ServiceWorker] Install');
    caches.open(cacheName).then(function(cache) {
      console.log('[ServiceWorker] Caching app shell');
      return cache.addAll(filesToCache);

self.addEventListener('activate', function(e) {
  console.log('[ServiceWorker] Activate');
    caches.keys().then(function(keyList) {
      return Promise.all(keyList.map(function(key) {
        if (key !== cacheName) {
          console.log('[ServiceWorker] Removing old cache', key);
          return caches.delete(key);
  return self.clients.claim();

self.addEventListener('fetch', function(e) {
    caches.match(e.request).then(function(response) {
      return response || fetch(e.request);

The issue with the following snippet is once I add files to filesToCache Array(Precache) like my '/' route my home page of the web app then any changes in the home page content is not reflected unless I make hard refresh?

I am adding '/' route in precaching along with my bundled CSS, JS file as needing fast/offline support for my home page. What am I doing wrong? How can I change this behavior?

Thanks in Advance Regards

  • Could you add a snippet, codepen, or JSFiddle so we can see what is going wrong? Thanks! – Rojo Mar 11 at 14:41

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