I would like to create a generic custom input form to be used inside Angular reactive forms. My goal would be to obtain exactly the same behaviour as Angular material form Input about the label tooltip.

I created a component that thanks to transclusion will be the parent/wrapper of a simple input field. At the moment the tooltip label is displayed above the input field when the user starts typing some text, but I would like to have it on focus. The problem is that I cannot find a way to set the focus on the inner child.

Moreover I would like to display form error messages inside the parent component, so I won't have to repeat them every time the input field is used in form. Should I in this case create a custom error message component receiving the input form as input and displaying error messages if any?


<div class="form-element" #inputContainer>
  <label *ngIf="label" [ngClass]="{'label-show': showLabel}">{{label}}</label>


export class FormContainerComponent implements AfterViewInit {

  showLabel = true;
  isError = false;

  label: string;

  el: ElementRef;

  @HostListener('focus', ['$event.target'])
  onFocus(target) {
    // This does not work

ngAfterViewInit() {
  const input = this.el.nativeElement.childNodes[0] as HTMLInputElement;

  // Code below temporary, the goal would be trigger on input field focus
  setTimeout(() => {
    this.showLabel = !!input.value;

   const x = fromEvent(input, 'keyup')
     .pipe(map((e: any) => e.target.value))
     .subscribe(value => (this.showLabel = !!value));

And the component would be used like this:

<form-container [label]="'Street'">
      <!-- This is the input that onFocus should trigger the label -->
      <input type="text" formControlName="street" placeholder="street" [ngClass]="{ 'error': ctrls.strasse.errors && (ctrls.strasse.touched || submitted) }">

       <!-- I would like to avoid having to repeat thos error messages for each input form and embed in the component -->
      <span class="error-label" *ngIf="hasError('street', 'required')">

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