Im working on a React Javascript Storybook right now and Im trying to figure out how to get enzyme to click a button inside of a component inside a component. So in other words this is the structure

<Component 1>
   <Component 2>
   </Component 2>
</Component 1>

And I want to click on the Button inside of compoenent 2. So far I have this

storesOf("Press the button",module).add("Button press:,() => {
    let output;
    specs(() => describe('clicked',function () {
        it("Should do the thing",function () {
            output = mount(<Component 1/>);

    const Inst = () => output.instance();
    return <Inst/>;

Does anyone have any advice? I should also add that as of current it does not find any buttons to click


As per Enzyme documentation you can use a React component constructor as your selector. You can do something like this:

output = mount(<Component1 />);

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