I am building a client (discord.js) that plays music from youtube. Before the client starts playing the ffmpeg-arguments (filters etc.) can be edited and piped into the stream. I use prism-media (npm) to define the args.

My Question: How is it possible to edit these arguments while the client is playing? f.ex. disable in the middle of a song etc...

The code basically looks like in the Readme example on github: https://github.com/amishshah/prism-media/tree/dev

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    I don't think you can modify ffmpeg's settings while its going. You would need to stop the process, update the arguments, and start it again. – Geuis Mar 11 at 23:55
  • Did you figure something out? what kind of changed do you want to do? – Mattias Wadman Mar 14 at 9:55
  • @MattiasWadman just some filters (-af) – C0d0r Mar 14 at 11:11

Not in general but some filters have support for something called "commands" that can be sent while transcoding to do various things.

Have a look at the these command filters an examples sendcmd and asendcmd zmq and azmq.

  • Looks not quite bad but I still have no ideo how to implement... – C0d0r Mar 14 at 11:13

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