I have something like

x.getElementById("foo" + rowIndex);

There are a couple of cases that have some other string before the "foo" in the ID, and my question is if there are any replacements (like the "%" in SQL) that I could use to add something else to the "foo" like

x.getElementById("%foo" + rowIndex);

If you use querySelector instead of getElementById, you can pass a selector string that selects an ID which ends with the substring you want, for example:

x.querySelector('[id$="foo' + rowIndex + '"]');

const rowIndex = 3;
console.log(document.querySelector('[id$="foo' + rowIndex + '"]'));
<div id="barfoo3">text</div>

(of course, if you want to select all elements whose ID ends with that, use querySelectorAll instead of querySelector)

That said, note that such dynamic IDs are somewhat of a code smell - you might consider if there are more elegant alternative methods.

  • It worked, thank you! Gonna choose it as the correct answer when I'm able to, in 10 minutes. Yes, I get it that it's not an elegant way but I can't modify the methods, it's a humongous application. – Octavian Catusanu Mar 12 at 9:05

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