I am new to Drupal 8 and came to know that Drupal 7 is going to end at 2021. Currently, trying to build a module in Drupal 8 which displays a form.

When submitting this form value should be stored in a database.

Can anyone please guide me


The first way, you can install the Webform contributed module. You can enable some sample children module in this module to know how to the webform store data.

The second way, you can install the Examples contributed module and enable form_api_example (in the Examples module). This module will show you how to create a custom form, simple form, ajax form, modal form, multistep form, etc.

I hope with 2 contributed modules, you can know how to build your custom form.

  • will try for this... – 1990rk4 Mar 12 at 10:04

Try this link which shows how to create a custom form within a module. https://www.valuebound.com/resources/blog/step-by-step-method-to-create-a-custom-form-in-drupal-8 You can save the value into a database by creating a custom content type for the form and using $node->save(); in submit function of the form.

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