I have a file like so:

const stringToTest = ' test1\n test2\n test3\n \n \n'

The output I want to get is:

stringTransformed = 'test1\n test2\n test3\n \n'

so in other words I want to get rid of only LAST white space and new line:

' \n'

I have tried following:

stringToTest.replace(/\s+\n$/, '')

but it removes all white spaces and new lines at the end of the file.

I know I can do it with split and join but I would prefer to do it with regular expression as it's much faster and sometimes my strings are really big so I don't want to split them into arrays.


Your \s pattern matches any whitespace. If you subtract CR and LF symbols from it, you will only match horizontal whitespaces.

So, you may use

replace(/[^\S\n\r]*\n$/, '')

Or, to also handle CRLF endings:

replace(/[^\S\n\r]*\r?\n$/, '')

Note I changed + to * quantifier to also remove the last line break if there are no horizontal whitespace chars on the line before the last newline.

JS demo:

const stringToTest = ' test1\n test2\n test3\n \n \n';
console.log(stringToTest.replace(/[^\S\n\r]*\n$/, ''));

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    Great! Indeed it does the job! Thanks – kapalkat Mar 12 at 11:07

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