I'm trying to deploy an MSI to remote computers using Invoke-Command, please see below.

It works if I run this script as "Domain\Administrator", if I try to run this as a specified account then MSI fails to install. I have verified the account I'm running this as has local admin rights on all servers.

Is there a way to get PowerShell to elevate the permissions of the account if it's a member of local admins?

I want to avoid saving credentials in the script itself.

$cred = Get-Credential
$MSISource = "E:\DeploymentTool\Deploy.msi"
$csv = Import-Csv "C:\Scripts\Deploylist.csv"
$csv | ForEach-Object {
    $Server = $_.Server
    Copy-Item $MSISource -Destination "\\$Server\E$\temp\Deploy.msi" -Force 
    Invoke-Command -ComputerName $Server -Credential $Cred -ScriptBlock {
        Msiexec /i "E:\temp\Deploy.msi" /quiet /qn /norestart /log E:\temp\MSIInstall.txt
  • Hi, check this metisit.com/blog/securely-storing-credentials-with-powershell And i know there is also some option how to generate text file with encrypted passwd and then reuse with some specific commands, but currently cannot find it, at least I found SO discussion about – xxxvodnikxxx Mar 12 at 12:24
  • You can create a custom PSSessionConfiguration, that runs as an admin, no matter who connects. Sounds like a potential security hole, but with a bit of work you can severely limit what commands are allowed in the session, so only the ones you want users to run are available. – boxdog Mar 12 at 12:29
  • Thanks for the suggestions both, really appreciated. it is the "Invoke-command" on the remote side that requires the elevated rights, not sure if I'm reading it wrong but wouldn't the PSSessionConfig be a solution if you wanted elevated privileges on the host side? – Milkman_2009 Mar 12 at 14:04
  • @Milkman_2009. If you create a constrained endpoint on the target, then you can connect using the settings you specify (including elevation) by passing the name of the configuration using the -ConfigurationName parameter on Invoke-Command. – boxdog Mar 12 at 14:55
  • @boxdog, that seems to be the answer to my question. Thanks for your help – Milkman_2009 Mar 13 at 11:40

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