I am trying to transfer a bunch of images as a video. What I am doing is simply muxing these static images into a video using the following commands.

ffmpeg -framerate 1 -i %02d.jpg -codec copy 1.mkv

After this, I verify the integrity of my static images and the frames in the video using -

ffmpeg -i %02d.jpg -f framehash -


ffmpeg -i 1.mkv -map 0:v -f framehash -

I get the same hashes so it means I have archived the images properly. Now next I send this video to my friend who extracts the frames using -

ffmpeg -i 1.mkv mkv%02d.jpg 

Now after extracting the hashes don't remain the same that means the integrity is lost.

How to extract the frames as it is so that integrity is not lost?

Also if you any other way to achieve what I am trying, please advice.

Here are the hashes.


The command

ffmpeg -i 1.mkv mkv%02d.jpg

doesn't "extract" the JPEGs. It decodes the stored frames and re-encodes them using the MJPEG encoder.


ffmpeg -i 1.mkv -c copy mkv%02d.jpg
  • Hey thanks. That worked like a charm. Just what I wanted. – dreamersparadox Mar 12 at 16:29

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