I'm trying to find the length of the top level domains within an emailaddress column.

I've tried a few iterations of regexp_replace, but no success.

Failed attempts are all around the following command:

length(regexp_replace(emailaddress,'@\.(.*)',1)) --counts before '@' characters

Intended Output:

emailaddress = asdfasdf@gmail.com
length = 3
emailaddress = asdfasdf@gmail.co
length = 2

You may use

length(regexp_extract(emailaddress,'[.]([^.]+)$', 1))

The [.]([^.]+)$ regex will match a dot and then will capture 1 or more chars other than a dot up to the end of the input. The 1 argument will make regexp_extract function return just the substring captured in Group 1, and length will return the length of that value.

In case you may have emails with no dot in the host part, you may restrict the pattern even further (to disallow matching @ in the negated character class):

length(regexp_extract(emailaddress,'[.]([^@.]+)$', 1))
  • I don't think this works - I tried both but they're returning looks like the full length of the email minus 1 – max Mar 12 at 16:38
  • @max You must use regexp_extract, not regexp_replace – Wiktor Stribiżew Mar 12 at 23:32

One more method. Use reverse, split by '.', take first array element, calculate length:

select length(split(reverse(emailaddress),'\\.')[0]);

Also regexp_extract works fine. Testing these two methods:

with data as (
select stack (2,
             ) as emailaddress

select emailaddress, 
       length(split(reverse(emailaddress),'\\.')[0])      length_method_1, 
       length(regexp_extract(emailaddress, '\\.(.+)$',1)) length_method_2 
  from data;


emailaddress    length_method_1 length_method_2
asdfasdf@gmail.com      3       3
asdfasdf@gmail.co       2       2
Time taken: 6.253 seconds, Fetched: 2 row(s)

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