I have the following Spring Data query method:

@Query("select a from Account a where a.id = ?#{principal.accountId}")
Optional<Account> findAuthenticatedAccount();

where principal.accountId is of type UUID and Account is defined as follows:

public class Account {

    @Column(columnDefinition = "BINARY(16)")
    private UUID id;


When I call the repository method, I see the following SQL in the logs:

org.hibernate.SQL                        : select account0_.id as id1_0_ from accounts account0_ where account0_.id=?
o.h.type.descriptor.sql.BasicBinder      : binding parameter [1] as [BINARY] - [d6618f39-94b3-42f7-94aa-c1493d07d281]

As you can see, the String representation of principal.accountId is represented as BINARY which is obviously wrong. It should create a BINARY from getLeastSignificantBits() and getMostSignificantBits().

Is it a Spring Data or Hibernate limitation? Or, am I doing something wrong?

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