I am having trouble figuring out how to do a proper logout using an Identity Broker (Keycloak) and an Identity Provider (written using Spring Boot / Security OAuth).

Here is the flow, using backchannel logout:

  1. User clicks a logout button. This makes a request to the standard Keycloak logout endpoint.
  2. Keycloak calls my Identity Provider logout endpoint (this is the backchannel part; frontchannel would have Keycloak return a 302 here and cause the browser to call the IdP logout page). It passes the OIDC IdToken issued to it by my IdP.
  3. IdP takes the following actions:
    1. Invalidates the session
    2. Unsets the JSESSIONID cookie... however, this cookie is Keycloak's JSESSIONID and not my browser's, due to the backchannel configuration
    3. I could do something with the IdToken here, but it's not stored (currently) since it's a JWT.
  4. IdP returns a 302 to a login page
  5. Keycloak returns a 302 to the login page

This all appears to work fine. However, if I go directly to a security-protected page, I'm able to access it without logging back in. This is because my session from browser to IdP was never invalidated. When my IdP sees that it has a session from the browser, it uses the login credentials that were entered initially (UsernamePasswordAuthToken) and re-issues the auth code at its oauth/authorize endpoint, along with a redirect to Keycloak. Keycloak then takes this auth code as usual and exchanges it for a token, and then issues its own tokens.

Questions: 1. I think I could make this all work if I were able to invalidate the session from browser to the IdP. Possibly by overriding the AuthorizationEndpoint in Spring Security OAuth. But that sounds like a bit of a hack. 1. Should I be using frontchannel logout instead of backchannel? I had other problems with this (namely, how does Keycloak know that the token issued by my IdP is invalid)

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