I have an ASP.NET Core app that runs on windows and activates ffmpeg_g.exe,
I am trying to attach a gdb.exe to the ffmpeg process,
at first, it seems to work:

  • the ffmpeg process seems paused (the video that ffmpeg produces is stopped)
  • gdb is able to read the debug symbols from ffmpeg
  • I can see all ffmpeg's threads, and switch to the thread that I interested in.
    (using threads command and thread number)
  • I can see the backtrace (with bt command)
  • I can set breakpoints
  • but when I run continue command or step, ffmpeg crashes immediately:

    [Thread 24620.0x63c8 exited with code 4294967295] [Thread 24620.0x6284 exited with code 4294967295] [Inferior 1 (process 24620) exited with code 037777777777]

things that are may be relevant:

  • the ffmpeg is built on Ubuntu and it does work by itself
  • I was able to attach to ffmpeg with gdb, and it works ok when I run ffmpeg by itself and not from the .net-core app
  • the app and the cmd window from which I run gdb, run "as administrator"
  • I tried all combinations of the app and gdb, run as administrator or regular user.
  • I use GDB that comes with mingw-w64
  • I tried to run many gdb commands to find a clue to this,
    some made only ffmpeg to crash, but, for example
    if I run info program command, it crashes both ffmpeg and GDB.

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