I'm using the RichTextBox.AppendText function to add a string to my RichTextBox. I'd like to set this with a particular colour. How can I do this?


Just try this:

TextRange tr = new TextRange(rtb.Document.ContentEnd,­ rtb.Document.ContentEnd);
tr.Text = "textToColorize";
tr.ApplyPropertyValue(TextElement.­ForegroundProperty, Brushes.Red);
  • beautiful thanks! – Aks Apr 1 '11 at 12:21

If you want, you can also make it an extension method.

public static void AppendText(this RichTextBox box, string text, string color)
    BrushConverter bc = new BrushConverter();
    TextRange tr = new TextRange(box.Document.ContentEnd, box.Document.ContentEnd);
    tr.Text = text;
    catch (FormatException) { }

This will make it so you can just do

myRichTextBox.AppendText("My text", "CornflowerBlue");

or in hex such as

myRichTextBox.AppendText("My text", "0xffffff");

If the color string you type is invalid, it simply types it in the default color (black). Hope this helps!

  • The color change remains in effect for text added with subsequent calls to the built-in AppendText(text) method. It might be better if the appended-text color was reset to the control's Foreground. (See the WinForms version.) – fadden Jul 6 at 20:44

Be Aware of TextRange's Overhead

I spent a lot of time tearing my hair out, because TextRange wasn't fast enough for my use-case. This method avoids the overhead. I ran some barebones tests, and its faster by a factor of ~10 (but don't take my word for it lol, run your own tests)

Paragraph paragraph = new Paragraph();
Run run = new Run("MyText");


Note: I think most use cases should work fine with TextRange. My use-case involved hundreds of individual appends, and that overhead stacks up.


the above single line answer:-

  myRichTextBox.AppendText("items", "CornflowerBlue")

is not working.The correct way it should be writen is (i am using VS 2017) :-

    Dim text1 As New TextRange(myRichTextBox.Document.ContentStart, myRichTextBox.Document.ContentEnd)
  text1.ApplyPropertyValue(TextElement.ForegroundProperty, Brushes.CornflowerBlue) 
  • If this was in response to my above answer, you must also include the extension method definition to use it. – omni Feb 17 at 6:50

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