I'm about to propose a graduation project in Deep Learning for Arabic Natural Language Processing field. However, since I'm a beginner student in this field, I have already started learning a helpful series of courses, and I have almost a full year to work on this individual project. So, what are some great ideas for an Android application in DL for Arabic NLP?

P.S. I will gather the needed dataset if it's not available.

Edit: Recently, I read about various problems in this field, but most of them are very classic choices, and it seems to me that they don't give a good impression of my efforts while there exist many well-known and very efficient similar applications such as Google translate and Siri. However, Since my question is still too broad, kindly write down your suggested edits and recommendations.

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NLP is a broad area and have lots of application. And you will also need the supporting applications(web pages, editor, reviews in arabic). I will give some ideas and try order them easy to difficult.

  1. Spell check

  2. Sentiment analysis App - read reviews(movie/restaurant etc ) and rate them(provided you have data (sentence / +/- ))

  3. FAQ from websites - given a question extract answers from FAQ of the website, we can NER to get organisation name and question similarity measure.

  4. Grammar correction - require lots of data(wrong - correct sentences) and editor app to use it in android.

  • Thank you for your suggested ideas, please read my edit. – Abdulkader Mar 15 at 16:15

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