I used MySQL through command line in order to create a database named javafxsample. The code is as folls:

create database javafxsample;
use javafxsample;

create table if not exists user(
    id int(11) not null auto_increment,
    username varchar(255) not null unique,
    last_name varchar(255) not null,
    first_name varchar(255) not null,
    password varchar(255) not null,
    created_at datetime not null default current_timestamp,
    primary key(id)

The database javafxsample is created successfully in MySQL command line. (I know this because I can see it using SHOW DATABASES;.) However, when I try to see it using DESCRIBE javafxsample;, I got this error message:

ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'javafxsample.javafxsample' doesn't exist.

I do not know how to solve this issue, nor why I can not see the table javafxsample. I am using MySQL server version 5.7.24. Any help or suggestion(s) in order to get this table work is really appreciated.


javafxsample is your database. you cannot use describe on database.

Try describe user instead


The error "ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'javafxsample.javafxsample' doesn't exist" says table "javafxsample" does not exists in "javafxsample" database.

You create database "javafxsample" and table "user".

So try describing your user table like DESCRIBE user

  • i already used "DESCRIBE user" and finally i get the information of my table javafxsample without no creating a new table named "user", it can see the elements inside table, thank you very much!!! – Omar Elio Torres Castillo Mar 13 at 8:02
  • thank you very much for your help, thank you, i already solved this problem – Omar Elio Torres Castillo Mar 14 at 3:53

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