I have a model Usergroup which has 2 attributes which are arrays:

Usergroup.create(name: "Group 1", account_id: 7, hix_modules: ['cs-seh','cs-ddr'], users: [61,83,77])

Now I want to create a form to create a usergroup. What is the best way to do this for the array attributes? I'm thinking of using selects combined with either Cocoon or Stimulus in the end to add a variable number of users or hix_modules. But to start simple with just one fixed select: how does it look like to send a valid array to the controller?


edit your model to make the field serialized to an array

 class Usergroup < ActiveRecord::Base
      serialize :hix_modules,Array
      serialize :users,Array

test it out in console

 a = Usergroup.new
 => #<Usergroup id: nil, hix_modules: [], users: [], name: nil, account_id: nil, created_at: nil, updated_at: nil> 
 => [] 
 a.hix_modules << "cs-seh"
 => ["cs-seh"] 
  • OK thanks, but how will the form look like? Let's say I want a select field: f.select :hix_modules, options_for_select(@hix_modules) – John Mar 13 at 8:22

I soled it by using a multi select:

= f.select :hix_modules, options_for_select(@hix_modules), { prompt: "Select module" }, { multiple: true, size: 10}

This sends these params values:

 Parameters: {"usergroup"=>{"account_id"=>"7", "name"=>"Test", "hix_modules"=>["", "CS-Agenda", "CS-DDR"], "users"=>["", "65", "77", "46"]}

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