What are the different database options on Windows Mobile available? I have used CEDB and EDB for linear dataset needs.

I have heard of SQL server 2005 Mobile edition. But what are the advantages over others (if there is any)

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I've found both sqllite and codebase to be easy to implement and install. Easier (and more stable) than the Microsoft options, which seem to be in serious flux.

  • Plus one for questioning the stability of CEDB. I've just been looking at a mobile project using CEDB that is in a world of pain. No concurrent users, no transactions, recommendations not to go above 1000 rows. I genuinely thought Access was the worst DB of all time. Not anymore.
    – Joe Ratzer
    Jul 11, 2011 at 14:55

Also take a look at SQLite for Windows CE. There are also .NET bindings available to use it from the Compact Framework.


I think it's called SQL Server Compact now. The advantages are that it's syntax-compatible with full sql server in that any query you write for it is guaranteed to work on an equivalent SQL Server Express/Standard/Enterprise DB. The reverse isn't necessarily true, though.


Do you need SQL support? If not, look at a lightweight embeddable DBM-like solution. I've used Tokyo Cabinet for a number of embedded solutions where SQL wasn't necessary and have greatly enjoyed the speed and flexibility it provides. YMMV.


We use Sybase Ultralite. Before that we were using Codebase to connect to foxpro tables. I'm not a mobile developer but I understand we chose it over SQL Server for performance and memory usage. Also we found they had pretty good support when we found any issues.


I would avoid using CEDB any more as I beleave that WM7 is dropping support for it.

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