I am trying to write unit tests for my controller action. I am using NUnit 3 and Moq.

I have Db methods such as Add() and Remove() in the action.

I understand that I need to mock the Db and setup return values to the methods accordingly.

However when it comes to methods such as db.Add(), db.Remove() , db.SaveChanges(); I don't understand how to setup true and false return values for the same.

My action to be tested:

public List<string> Add([FromBody]model addModel)
    List<string> errors = new List<string>();
        model Model= new model()
          propertyA = addModel.propertyA

    catch (Exception e)
        return errors;

    return errors;

To write positive and negative tests for the above methods, I need to be able to set positive and negative return values for db.Add() and db.SaveChanges() methods.

I have tried the following:

        public void Add_Succesfull_True()
            Mock<DbContext> mockdb = new Mock<DbContext>();
            var model= db.model.Select(x => x).FirstOrDefault();
            model addModel = new model()
               propertyA= model.propertyA

            AuthController authController = new AuthController(userManager, configuration, mockdb.Object);
            var apiEndPoint = authController.Add(addModel);
            mockdb.Setup(x => x.Add(addModel)).Returns(??);


Through intellisense I can see that db.Add() expects a return type of


My understand of mocking the DbContext is as follows:

  • Mock the DbContext interface.
  • Add,Remove, Save etc are all just methods which have no implementation when mocked.
  • we setup the function and specify a return value as need for the test case which substitutes as an implementation.

I believe I have mocked the above in a wrong way. Need direction thank you:)

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