I'm trying to do a custom validation. I have a module in which there is a field that must be unique, so suitecrm must not allow you to create two records with that same field.

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Let's say you want to validate the sic_code Field in the Accounts module.

Following example was tested in SuiteCRM 7.11.2 using the Extension framework.

Go create a file in the custom/Extension/modules/Accounts/Ext/Vardefs folder.

You can name the file sugarfield_sic_code.php.

Inside of the file add this example snippet:

  $dictionary['Account']['fields']['sic_code']['validation']= array (
  'type' => 'callback',
  'callback' => 'function(formname,nameIndex){alert("validating"+formname); return false;}',

Now make sure sic_code is inside the editview (duh) and when you click SAVE you will be shown the alert + an error message below the field (in red)

That is the overall idea.

If you need something more elaborated doing Ajax, some templating, there is a great answer here on SO (for sugarcrm but should work for Suite)

prevent duplicate value using ajax in sugar crm

  • I tried the method described on the page but for suitecrm it doesn't work – Ing Demis Mar 14 at 7:01

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