sw-precache-webpack storing cache everything with content-type text/html

I'm using sw-precache-webpack-plugin with Webpack Manifest Plugin to generate service worker to precache static assets.

And it is working fine when I deploy it to firebase. Service worker cache the static content with the correct content type.

But, when served from a sub-directory for example at (https://content.new.com/tv) service worker cache everything (images, js) with the wrong content-type text/HTML

Here is the sw-precache-webpack-plugin config

new SWPrecacheWebpackPlugin({
    // By default, a cache-busting query parameter is appended to requests
    // used to populate the caches, to ensure the responses are fresh.
    // If a URL is already hashed by Webpack, then there is no concern
    // about it being stale, and the cache-busting can be skipped.
    dontCacheBustUrlsMatching: /\.\w{8}\./,
    filename: 'service-worker.js',
    logger(message) {
      if (message.indexOf('Total precache size is') === 0) {
        // This message occurs for every build and is a bit too noisy.
    minify: true, // minify and uglify the script
    navigateFallback: '/index.html',
    staticFileGlobsIgnorePatterns: [/\.map$/, /asset-manifest\.json$/, /\.html$/],

I am new to sw-precache any help would be appreciated.

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