I am using the serviceWorker.js file created using create-react-app with the purpose of showing a custom offline page to the user when the user is offline. When I register the serviceWorker the only thing I cache is an image file. Everything appears to work find and dandy until I start making HTTP requests to my backend API. Specifically I get an 404 error not found when I try to access these backend APIs.

I am also using workbox to generate my custom service worker. Here is my template:

/* eslint-disable */


const precacheManifest = [];


const htmlStr = `

this.addEventListener('fetch', (event) => {
    fetch(event.request.url).catch(() => {
      // Return custom the offline page
      if (navigator && !navigator.isOnline) {
        return new Response(htmlStr, {
          headers: {'Content-Type': 'text/html'}

So I think theres a strange thing happening. Please bear with my explanation:

So when I first goto my webpage domain it registers the service worker: enter image description here

When I refresh the page, all of sudden it looks like my service worker errors out?

enter image description here

Notice the red error cross marker. I click on it to see the error but it doesn't show anything. Furthermore, I also noticed whenever the service-worker errors out like that, my post requests stop working. In other words, when I don't refresh the page and there is no error, the post requests do work like they should. Any ideas whats happening?

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