I used WebForms (legacy) + ASP.NET MVC + SimpleInjector

public abstract class CustomBaseController : Controller
    protected User user;
    protected IAppDbContext repo;
    public CustomBaseController(User user, IAppDbContext repo)
        this.user = user;
        this.repo = repo;
// my controller
public class MyCustomController : CustomBaseController
    public MyCustomController(User user, IAppDbContext repo) : base(user, repo)

    public ActionResult PostMethod()
        user.Name = "NewUserName"; // throw NullReferenceException that user is null
        // some logic
        // some logger
// user entity
public class User
    public Guid Id { get; protected set; }
    public string Email { get; protected set; }
    public string DisplayName { get; protected set; }

    public string FirstName { get; protected set; }
    public string LastName { get; protected set; }

    // and other properties

// Register DI
private static void InitializeContainer()
    var container = new Container();
    container.Register<IUserSessionManagement, UserSessionManagement >(Lifestyle.Scoped);
    container.Register<User>(() => container.GetInstance<UserSessionManagement>().UserSession, Lifestyle.Scoped);
    DependencyResolver.SetResolver(new SimpleInjectorDependencyResolver(container));

// Wrapper for User 
public class UserSessionManagement : IUserSessionManagement
    public User UserSession { get; }
    public UserSessionManagement(IAppDbContext repo)
        UserSession = (HttpContext.Current.Session[SESSION_AUTHENTICATED_USER] as User) ?? new User(Guid.Empty, null, null);
  • Authorization based on cookies.
  • SimpleInjector resolves all dependency and cannot null parameter. if parameter is null then an exception would be thrown when on the constructor.

I catch NullReferenceException (user is null) on /PostMethod request. I was looking for any place where the reference could wipe. Nothing. Reference cannot rewrite. it looks like GC has cleaned all the links.

NOTE: I cannot reproduce this in debugging. I know about this problem from the logs.

NOTE1: MyCustomController created successful (user is not null). Post request to throw expection that user is null.

  • What does CustomBaseController do with the parameter? – SLaks Mar 13 at 14:40
  • @SLaks, updated – adrug Mar 13 at 14:44
  • What do you mean by "loses" parameters, I'm really not understanding this question? If you debug the constructor, is user null? What exception message are you getting (if any)? – DavidG Mar 13 at 14:44
  • 2
    where did you register user as a dependency in simple injector.? – Aarif Mar 13 at 14:48
  • 1
    It seems that User is runtime data, because you are changing the Name property inside the PostMethod method. Runtime data shoulde not be injected into components during their construction as explained here. – Steven Mar 13 at 15:11

Take a look at this answer Here

We would have to see your CustomBaseController To see more.

public MyCustomController() : base()

You may just need a parameterless constructor.

  • Try and set your user object into the TempData["NameYourObjectHere"] = user; in your abstract class CustomBaseController and see if it still lives there or not. – Dimitri Mar 13 at 15:06

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