This is another post about differents values from API and Dashboard. I'm totally stuck . I've read some topics on stack overflow, google forum and still stuck.

Also, I've set samplingLevel as LARGE and still getting diferences.

LARGE and DEFAULT: returns 1748 users
SMALL: returns 1785
DASHBOARD View: shows 1648

Here you can see the data on Dashboard.

And here is how I'm calling batchGet():

        "reportRequests": [
                "viewId": self.view_id,
                "samplingLevel": "SMALL",
                "dateRanges": [
                        "startDate": "2019-03-01",
                        "endDate": "2019-03-01",
                "metrics": [
                    {"expression": "ga:users"},
                    {"expression": "ga:newUsers"},
                    {"expression": "ga:sessions"},
                    {"expression": "ga:bounces"},
                    {"expression": "ga:goal1Completions"},
                    {"expression": "ga:goal3Completions"},
                    {"expression": "ga:goal4Completions"},
                "dimensions": [
                    {"name": "ga:landingPagePath"},
                    {"name": "ga:hostname"},
                    {"name": "ga:source"},
                    {"name": "ga:medium"},
                    {"name": "ga:deviceCategory"},
                    {"name": "ga:adwordsAdGroupID"},
                    {"name": "ga:date"},
                "pageToken": str(page_token),
                "pageSize": str(self.page_size),

The dashboard looks like a regular view from Google Analytics (public -> General/Default..not sure what's right number in eng).

I'm not sure if I'll be able to match same numbers and I need to find a reason to explain for my QA and marketing areas why numbers are differents from Google Dashboard and our custom views.

I'm looking only for 2019-03-01 on example.

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