i want to write a Progressive Web App(PWA) to controll a bluetooth LED Smart Lamp via my Browser. I can controll the lamp via the included app (Mesh Lamp), but i dont want to. So i looked with nRFConnect to see if i can spot the values to change the color of the lamp, couldnt find it. After that i looked through the btsnoop_hci.log file with Wireshark. I cant find any Value that changed the color of the lamp.

All guides/articles i read, had simple values like '0x0000ff00' where you can spot the RGB/White value easily.

Thats one value i got...

Frame 1040: 32 bytes on wire (256 bits), 32 bytes captured (256 bits)
Bluetooth HCI H4
Bluetooth HCI ACL Packet
Bluetooth L2CAP Protocol
Bluetooth Attribute Protocol
    Opcode: Write Command (0x52)
    Handle: 0x0015 (Unknown: Unknown)
        [Service UUID: 000102030405060708090a0b0c0d1910]
        [UUID: 000102030405060708090a0b0c0d1912]
    Value: bad1e5c6519dc9f2a08028c30c2e07b05eca6b40

I am happy to share the log file.


Has someone had the same problem? I cant figure it out, i would appreciate some help


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