I would like to copy a folder containing several folders, and this folders contain several files. If this folders are existing, I would like to keep them inside, and overriding the files if existing. If the files doesn't exist, they are simply naturally added.

_ = try FileManager.default.replaceItemAt(previousItemUrl, withItemAt: currentItemUrl)

For example:

Files existing on device:


Files to copy:

APP/XXX/c.txt //Will override
APP/YYY/g.txt //new file added
APP/ZZZ/h.txt //new file added
APP/AAA       //new folder added

Do I have to create my self a recursive function, or did that function already exists natively?

Thanks in advance.


We can use below native method. It copies the source to destination.

func copyItem(atPath srcPath: String, 
   toPath dstPath: String) throws

We can also control the override use case by implementing other delegate methods mentioned below.

optional func fileManager(_ fileManager: FileManager, 
         shouldCopyItemAt srcURL: URL, 
                       to dstURL: URL) -> Bool

You can find all these details in Apple document

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