Suppose main project has sub-projects

       \-------- android
                   \-------- .gitlab-ci-android.yml
       \-------- ios
       \-------- lib
       \-------- .gitlab-ci.yml

I want my .gitlab-ci.yml to run parallel jobs for each subfolder. My goal is to have separate .gitlab-ci.yml files. Yes, it looks messy to touch only one file when you have to configure the CI of a few projects.

What is the exact command line to run jobs from the main .gitlab-ci.yml?

I tried with , but not working

  script: "gitlab-runner exec android/.gitlab-ci-android.yml"

You can use the include:local syntax for this. Include the CI files from your subfolders in your main .gitlab-ci.yml file.

  - local: '/android/.gitlab-ci-android.yml'
  • Thank you. But I get a syntax error jobs:include config should be a hash with GitLab Community Edition 11.1.1 94b9323 – Raymond Chenon Mar 14 at 13:23
  • 1
    Ah, you'll need to update your GitLab instance. For the original include syntax on GitLab CE, you'll need GitLab 11.4 or later. And, the newer include:local syntax requires GitLab 11.7 or later. – King Chung Huang Mar 14 at 15:50

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