I have this code which automatically registers files as helpers. It was originally in my main app, but I want it to be a required module.

register-helpers.js module:

var glob = require("glob");
var hbs = require('hbs');
var path = require('path');

module.exports = (pathglob) => {
    console.log('\nregistering helpers');

      //return object for each project with name and all routes
      .forEach(function (file) {
        var name = '';
        //var parentFolder = path.dirname(file).split(path.sep).pop();
        //if (parentFolder != 'helpers') name += parentFolder + '-'; // this adds the subfolder name into the helper name
        name += path.basename(file).replace(/\.js|_/g,'');                        console.log(' ','{{'+name+'}}',file);
        hbs.registerHelper(name, module.parent.require('./'+file));


var hbs = require('hbs');

But it's saying my helpers aren't loaded. Are they being put in a different handlebars instance because it's loaded in a different file? How do I register them in the same handlebars instance as app.js? Do I have to pass hbs as an argument?

Here is what I've resolved to doing:


But it doesn't feel right, and is annoying to have to include that in every line.

I also don't understand how some of my helpers are able to use handlebars-helper-svg when it's only included in the main file (before adding hbs as an argument).

hbs.registerHelper('svg', require('handlebars-helper-svg'));

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