I need to open modal window with "additional" form hitting on publish/update button. Then admin will have a possibility to fill additional fields and click update button in the modal. These fields are independent from this post so I need so to save them in particular table in the database.

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I tried to modify onclick event for publishing button via jQuery. But how can I manually send these two forms after clicking on update button in the modal window. I know about wp_insert_post_data whick works before post added to database so I'd like to write something like that:

add_filter('wp_insert_post_data', 'do_not_create_post', '99');
function do_not_create_post($data) {
    $data['post_status'] = 'pending';
    add_filter('redirect_post_location', 'my_post_redirect_filter', '99');
  return $data;

function my_post_redirect_filter($location) {
  remove_filter('redirect_post_location', __FILTER__, '99');
  return add_query_arg('open_modal', 1, $location);

add_action('admin_notices', 'my_post_admin_notices');
function my_post_admin_notices() {
  if (!isset($_GET['open_modal'])) return;
  if ($_GET['open_modal'] == 1) {
    echo '<script> which opens modal window';

Is there any easier way? How can I insert post manually to the database after filling the modal and then save additional data? Generally I need a way how to modify edit/add post pages properly in more beautiful way.

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