I need to use FFmpeg in Android to extract metadata from tracks. I return the Strings to Java in this way:


auto titleEntry = av_dict_get(pFormatCtx->metadata, "title", nullptr, 0);
if (titleEntry != nullptr) *title = strdup(titleEntry->value);


ret= (jobjectArray)env->NewObjectArray(3,env->FindClass("java/lang/String"),env->NewStringUTF(""));

env->SetObjectArrayElement(ret, 1, env->NewStringUTF(title));

The problem is the metadata for tracks with Unicode characters are interpreted incorrectly.

For example a track with the title

ਵਹਗਰ ਵਹਗਰ Without You (pitch 0.00 - tempo 100)


ਵਹà¨à¨° ਵਹà¨à¨° 0.00 - tempo 10


The track title is rendered correctly using MediaMetadataRetriever and also in other music players, however even command line FFprobe shows the track name incorrectly, and logging from C++ or Java doesn't interpret the String correctly either.

Apparently the encodings aren't interpreted correctly, how can I fix this?

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