I know similar questions have been asked previously but interested if new releases may have incorporated this requirement.

I would like to set a Google calendar event via the API from my application into a users calendar (user has authorized calendar access for my app) and lock the event slot such that the end-user cannot delete / modify the event slot in their calendar.

Note: One Google response on this topic back in 2016 said "It would be ridiculous to not be able to delete things from your own calendar"

That said, unless you fully understand the business application of why you are locking the users event slot from a particular app I think this statement does not fully appreciate the desired requirements of such a solution!

I want to retain control over the event from my app to be able cancel or modify the end-users calendar locked event accordingly in the future.

Appreciate any guidance on this topic. Thanks

  • Have you tried to create an event in a users calendar via the api? – DaImTo Mar 14 at 8:32

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