I have been trying so hard to find answer for my question on the internet but got no luck.

I understand that an IP address may consist of two parts, an network ID and a host ID which are separated by its subnet mask.

All over the internet, people are saying IP address is unique and you can't have the same ip address(let's ignore LAN where you can have the same internal IP address as long as not in the same LAN). My question is if two IP addresses are the same but with different Class, i.e Class A and Class B, can they be treated as different ones even they read the same?

Example in my head is A) and B). They read the same and based on what people say on the internet, you can't have them the same, but if the first one belongs to Class A and the second one belongs to Class B, they could be different IP addresses right?

The first one will be interpreted as network ID and host number 168.211.102 and the second one will be network ID and host id 211.102.

Is it working like this in the real world? This really bugs me a lot in days.Any answers or clarifications would be highly appreciated,Thanks!

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