I have a raspberry pi connected to a 2x16 LCD and a numpad. My problem is that I can’t see the numbers am typing unless I hit enter. Any solution of how I can make it possible to type the number and it gets displayed? I have tried curses and threading but no luck emphasized text

import lcddriver
display = lcddriver.lcd()

    display.lcd_display_string('Room Number:',1)
    room = input()

except KeyboardInterrupt:
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    Please explain what application you are typing numbers into? If it's your own code, please post it so we can see the context... – Jonathan Mar 14 at 8:10
  • Most probably the LCD is not refreshed until you hit 'Enter'. More details can be given when you post the code. – smajli Mar 14 at 8:32
  • The code is now available – Farid Ali Rvc Mar 14 at 11:58

Your code uses the built-in function input which only receives input when you press enter, it doesn't (and can't) read every keystroke.

You could use the inputs or evdev libraries to track keystrokes and act immediately upon a key being pressed, rather than waiting for the whole string to be entered.

  • Thanks. I used evdev libraries and it worked – Farid Ali Rvc Mar 19 at 12:09
  • Please mark as correct answer – ben_nuttall Mar 19 at 14:59

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