I request a social network API. From Postman I make requests successfully. All I need in Postman are CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET, ACCESS_TOKEN.

In Python I see the following working code. However I don't have an ACCESS_SECRET.

import oauth2 as oauth
import json

with open('config.json') as file:
    tokens = json.loads(file.read())

# read the consumer keys and secret
consumer = oauth.Consumer(key = tokens['CONSUMER_KEY'] , 
                          secret = tokens['CONSUMER_SECRET'])

# read the tokens key and secret
token = oauth.Token( key = tokens['ACCESS_TOKEN'] , 
                     secret = tokens['ACCESS_SECRET'])

#create a client object
client = oauth.Client(consumer,token)

header , response  = client.request(URL,method='GET')

As I do not have an ACCESS_SECRET I try to set up:

client = oauth.Client(consumer,token = None)

and do the following:

h = {
'access_token': '************'
header , response  = client.request(URL,method='GET', headers = h)

And receive an error:

PARAM : Missed required parameter: access_token

How I can pass ACCESS_TOKEN correctly?

Keep in mind that from Postman my requests go successfully without unknown ACCESS_SECRET.

Also here is a Postman Oauth2 tab. Only access_token required.

enter image description here

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