$request = $s3Client->createPresignedRequest($cmd, '+20 minutes');
    echo $presignedUrl = (string)$request->getUri();

    echo "\n";
    //$mp3File = '/home/kaliyappan/test-HD.mov';
    $getId3 = new GetId3();
    $audio = $getId3->analyze($presignedUrl);
    //echo '<pre>';

I have a video file located in s3, using PHP "phansys/getid3": "^2.1@dev" module need to calculate duration. Created pre-signed URL try to access that file but it returns "could not open that file".

[GETID3_VERSION] => 1.9.4-20120530
[error] => Array
        [0] => Could not open "

Please suggest any other way to do this, but if I directly give video file path which is in my server that's work perfectly.

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