I've just started working with Angular and with Angular-CLI and I've seen that, according to the documentation, I need to install $ npm install -g @angular/cli with the -g (global) flag.

Once the package is installed, the default path to it in Angular CLI will be something like C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\@angular\cli.

Now i want to install Angular CLI to something like this path D:\npm\node_modules\@angular\cli.

I tried D:\>npm install @angular/cli

enter image description here

Is it possible? Your help will be appreciated.


I guess for this question is already answered here - https://stackoverflow.com/a/14469516/3699103

But I will repeat it directly on this post:

Following npm docs you can use --prefix options to change the installation directory.

So for your case it will be:

npm install --prefix D:\npm\ @angular/cli

As a pre requirements, D:\npm\ folder must be exist

  • Thanks for your answer this helps as expected. Could you explain how to add this to path? ng -v and ng new are not working as expected. – Sumesh TG Mar 14 at 12:50
  • It, depend on your os version. If it win 8 or higher, that should help - setx path "%path%;d:\directoryPath". And if an answer was helpful, can you submit it as a correct answer? – Anton Gorshenin Mar 15 at 10:25

We can use --prefix options to change the installation directory.

So for in this case it will be:

Step 1 : create a folder angular_cli in D drive

Step 2 : run this command after navigating to d drive

npm install --prefix D:\angular_cli\ @angular/cli

As a pre requirements, D:\angular_cli\ folder must be exist

And append this path to path environment variable


I don't know what are doing with just installing angular-cli some custom location but yes, it's possible you just need to remove -g flag from the command of installation like below.

Step1: Navigate to your desired location of installation.

c:\>cd D:\npm\node_modules\@angular\cli

Step2: Install the angular-cli

D:\npm\node_modules\@angular\cli> npm install @angular/cli

Hope this will help!

  • The node_modules folder created but ng new not working. – Sumesh TG Mar 14 at 12:32
  • 1
    you need to set the path in your envronment variable – TheParam Mar 14 at 12:37

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