I am a newbie in MongoDB and Express JS

I have a Product model looks like

const productSchema = mongoose.Schema({
   name: String,
   title: String,
   brand_id: { type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'brand' },
       country_id: { type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId,ref: 'countries'},
       max_retail_price : Number,
       profit_margin : Number

and Order model

 const orderTransactionSchema = mongoose.Schema({
       shop_id: { type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'shop' },
       brand_id:{ type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'brand' },
       product_id: { type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'product' },
       product_varient_id:{ type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'product.varient._id' },
       transaction_id:{ type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'transaction' }
module.exports = mongoose.model('order', orderTransactionSchema );

In my Product collection, each product can have multiple variants. But in order collection, a user can order only one product variant under a product.

I am trying to display orders with particular product details and variant details, But the problem is when I try to display it using either populate/Aggregate I am getting all the variants in the response array. actually, I want only one product and variant details as in the order collection.

This is what I tried

order.aggregate([{ $match :{} },
   $lookup: {
     from: "products",
     localField: "product_id",
     foreignField: "_id",
     as: "product_data"

and I am getting the output as

{ _id: 5c8a010b8feeb875abc1b066,
   shop_id: 5c7d194ca10ea45c0c03a0ee,
   brand_id: 5c41a8c34272c61a176b7639,
   product_varient_id: 5c41a9f3f8e1e71aa75b4f32,
   transaction_id: 5c6670d5b6c63d0762c6cc77,
   product_id: 5c41aac4d45a731af564c433,
    [ { _id: 5c41aac4d45a731af564c433,
        brand_id: 5c41a8c34272c61a176b7639,
        image: 'test.jpg',
        varient:        //getting all the varients here
         [ { _id: 5c4ee531bc20b27948b3aa98,
             sell_rate_local: 66,
             country_id: 5c01149d3c20440a6b2e4928 },
           { _id: 5c4ee53bbc20b27948b3aa99,
             sell_rate_local: 66,
             country_id: 5c00e1697dd7a23f08bdae68 } ],
        __v: 0 } ] } ]

In the Order table, there is porduct_id and product_varient_id is there I want to populate only the product with product_varient_id.

I also tried something with Populate


                  { path: 'shop_id', model: 'shop',select : 'name accounts' },    //it works
                 { path: 'transaction_id', model: 'transaction' }, //it wrks                     
                { path: 'product_varient_id', model: 'product', select:'product.varient.name'},
                 ]).then(result =>
                    // console.log(result);
                 }).catch(err =>{

                //     console.log(err);

These are the sample product and order document

Order Document Sample :


Product document Sample :

   "name":"25 OC - Product 1",
   "title":"First installation recharge",
   "description":"0.1 credit for first time installation",
   "offer_message":"Hi.. You got 0.1 credits..!!",
  • Could you post the sample documents from all the collections – Anthony Winzlet Mar 14 at 17:53
  • @Anthony Winzlet I have already added a sample output I am getting from the query. The main problem is with the 'product' collection . In product collection I have a varient document. That means one product can have multiple varient. But in the order summery there is only one product varient purslchse. So I can't able to populate only the specific varient-id corresponding to that product order. – Sibin francis Mar 14 at 18:28
  • @Anthony Winzlet can u please answer... – Sibin francis Mar 14 at 18:31
  • If you could show some sample documents and the output you want, then only I can help you. – Anthony Winzlet Mar 14 at 18:49
  • @Anthony Winzlet I will update the question – Sibin francis Mar 15 at 4:26

MongoDB 3.6 or above have new lookup syntax

      $lookup: {
        from: "products",
        let: {
          "productId": "$product_id",
          "productVarientId": "$product_varient_id"
        pipeline: [
          { $match: {
              $expr: { $eq: [ "$_id", "$$productId" ]}
          { $addFields: {
              varient: {
                $filter: {
                  input: "$varient",
                  as: "varient",
                  cond: { $eq: [ "$$productVarientId", "$$varient._id" ] }
        as: "product_data"

You can check datasample Here

  • Thanks a lot. it's working perfectly. – Sibin francis Mar 15 at 6:37
  • I need to put a condition inside match , but i need to check the match condition only if the condition array is not empty – Sibin francis Mar 15 at 10:29
  • @Anthony Winzlet can u answer? – Sibin francis Mar 15 at 10:30
  • 1
    @Sibinfrancis can you elaborate your point show I can help in it? as i can see if you want to match condition you can use it first stage in aggregation. If you want to modify output data. please share sample data. – Ashok Mar 15 at 11:31

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