I started with learning EmberJS and maybe the answer is trivial, but after some researching, I still can't find a solution. In my model template, I have some buttons(each for the different object) which after click should expand sidebar with its details.

What do I want to reach is something like this:


Could someone provide me with some simple twiddle?


There are two ways to achieve this effect.

Using controller's variable

{{#foreach model as |obj|}}
  <button onclick={{action (mut activeModel) obj}}>{{obj.name}}</button>
<!--Somewhere later in template-->
{{#if activeModel}}
  <!--Code of overlay and sidebar, close button sets activeModel to undefined-->

Using child (nested) route

Parent template:

{{#foreach model as |obj|}}
  {{#link-to 'parentRoute.childRoute' obj tagName="button"}}
<!--Somewhere later in template-->

Child template should contain code of overlay and sidebar, close button redirects back to parent route


well, one of the options is that you can create components and pass the modified model(modify the model using onclick function) as the data to that component.

for example,

let us just say that this is your main template

<button onclick="changeSideBar()">click</button>
<div style="display:none; //render it in the left-half(using bootstrap models)">
     {{sidebar-component model=model.modified}}

in the javascript code (component.js),

function changeSideBar()
    var modified= ;//set as per your convienince by iterating actual models or by any means
    //make display of sidebar div "block"

sidebar-component is your component. make the component as per your wish.

hope it helps.

I can't help much without your templates or codes. It would be great if you provide some of your works.

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