I have created an azure function that gets triggered when a new document is added to a collection.

public static void Run(IReadOnlyList<Document> input, ILogger log)
if (input != null && input.Count > 0)
    log.LogInformation("Documents modified " + input.Count);
    log.LogInformation("First document Id " + input[0].Id);

Is it possible to select a particular document from this collection and then query the data in that selected document?

Eg. in the collection called clothescollection, i have a document that has an id:12345Tops. I want to query the data found in the document with the id:12345Tops.

Or alternatively retrieve the 1st document in the collection, and then query that 1st selected document

i have viewed azure functions with http triggers: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-functions/functions-bindings-cosmosdb#trigger---attributes

but i need to use cosmosdb trigger as this needs to be triggered when a document is added to the collection.


If I understand correctly, you want to query documents on a second collection based on the changes that happen on a first collection?

That is certainly doable, you need to use a Cosmos DB Input Binding and pull the DocumentClient instance.

The code would look something like:

public static void Run([CosmosDBTrigger(
        databaseName: "ToDoItems",
        collectionName: "Items",
        ConnectionStringSetting = "CosmosDBConnection",
        LeaseCollectionName = "leases",
        CreateLeaseCollectionIfNotExists = true)]IReadOnlyList<Document> documents, 
        databaseName: "ToDoItems",
        collectionName: "CollectionToQuery",
        ConnectionStringSetting = "CosmosDBConnection")] DocumentClient client,
    ILogger log)
    foreach (var documentInsertedOrUpdated in documents)
            // Do a read document on another collection
            var otherDocument = await client.ReadDocumentAsync(UriFactory.CreateDocumentUri("ToDoItems", "CollectionToQuery", "some-id-maybe-taking-it-from-the-documentInsertedOrUpdated"));
        catch(Exception ex)
            log.LogError(ex, "Failed to process document");
  • Thank you for your response. No, i want to select a particular document from a collection and query that data in that particular document. This will be done in Azure Function cosmosdb trigger – Sam Mar 14 at 16:07
  • The Trigger sends a batch of documents, as I showed in the response, you can then use a DocumentClient to do whatever operation you want, it can be a query, or if you want to read a single document, you can do a ReadDocumentAsync instead of the CreateDocumentQuery. – Matias Quaranta Mar 14 at 17:02
  • ok thanks will give that a go! – Sam Mar 14 at 17:07
  • I updated the sample for ReadDocumentAsync – Matias Quaranta Mar 14 at 17:12
  • if you do not know the id of the required document but you know the id contains tops, would it be possible to retrieve that document? Thanks – Sam Mar 14 at 17:43

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