I implemented the example from Create and consume an app service and extended it by a WebExtension (it uses the AppServiceProvider for native messaging), which resides in a folder Extension within the AppServiceProvider project. But the created .appx file does not install the WebExtension to Edge. The other components are installed and working.

In Windows Event Log I found the following warning regarding the parsing of AppxManifest.xml:

Warning: The extension category "windows.appExtension" in package <PFN> is unknown

<id> has the following format: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx_[VERSION]_[PLATFORM]__xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The normal package family name (shown in VS by opening Package.appxmanifest) does not include version or platform.

Snippet from AppxManifest.xml:

    <uap3:Extension Category="windows.appExtension">
      <uap3:AppExtension Name="com.microsoft.edge.extension" Id="EdgeExtension" PublicFolder="Extension" DisplayName="ms-resource:DisplayName"></uap3:AppExtension>
    <uap:Extension Category="windows.appService" EntryPoint="MyAppService.Inventory">
      <uap3:AppService Name="com.microsoft.inventory" />

I guess this prevents that the extension is installed in Edge.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

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