I have an executable that runs ruby code(RGSS3, precisely) and I also managed to build a DLL that included ruby.h and it's imported to the exe via LoadLibraryA.

I want to ask whether it is possible to share the object/memory between the exe and the dll? If yes, what should I do to make dll access the objects created by the exe and vice versa?


Yes, it is possible.

Ruby objects are represented in C with VALUE, which is basically a pointer. It's a bit hacky to call those functions from RGSS3, though: you have to get the object's memory address (object.object_id << 1) and pass that to the function.

Take a look at this repository, specifically this file. It declares ands exports a function you can use from RPG Maker importing it with Win32API. Supposing you compile the test.c from that repository into test.dll:

# Load RGSS3 dll
LoadLibrary = Win32API.new("kernel32", "LoadLibraryA", "p")
rgss3_dll = LoadLibrary.call("RGSS301.dll")

# Call function from your dll
bitmap = Bitmap.new(32, 32)

BitmapTest = Win32API.new("test.dll", "BitmapTest", "ll")
p BitmapTest.call(rgss3_dll, bitmap.object_id << 1)
  • thanks, I'll try it out later. It's very strange that the repo does not include any ruby header btw – Compeador Mar 15 at 1:59
  • sorry, it does not fully answer my question tho, when I call methods from ruby-c such as rb_iv_set, it ends with the error rb_current_vm_ptr is nullptr and crashes – Compeador Mar 15 at 3:14

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