I'm using formly to generate forms based on json schema. I need to send a http request for some field options.


    "key": "ReportCode",
    "type": "select",
    "className": "form-group dropdown-children",
    "templateOptions": {
        "label": "Report Code",
        "options": [],
        "httpLookUp": "true",
        "controllerPath": "app/controllers/report-management/report-controller",
        "controller": "ReportController",
        "method": "getReportCodeList",
        "valueProp": "Key",
        "labelProp": "Key",
        "required": true

And i need to do this :

import(field.templateOptions.controllerPath).then((data: any) => {...

But it's not working.

This is working :

import('app/controllers/report-management/report-controller').then((data: any) => {...

Any ideas ?


Here's the solution :

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