I have a program that, when it receives a SIGUSR1, writes some output and quits. I'm trying to get sbatch to notify this program before timing out.

I enqueue the program using:

sbatch -t 06:00:00 --signal=USR1 ... --wrap my_program

but my_program never receives the signal. I've tried sending signals while the program is running, with: scancel -s USR1 <JOBID>, but without any success. I also tried scancel --full, but it kills the wrapper and my_program is not notified.

One option is to write a bash file that wraps my_program and traps the signal, forwarding it to my_program (similar to this example), but I don't need this cumbersome bash file for anything else. Also, sbatch --signal documentation very clearly says that, when you want to notify the enveloping bash file, you need to specify signal=B:, so I believe that the bash wrapper is not really necessary.

So, is there a way to send a SIGUSR1 signal to a program enqueued using sbatch --wrap?

  • Is my_program launching job steps? Why aren't you using signal=B:USR1? --wrap is a short hand for creating a one-time bash script, so there is still a shell process. – Telgar Mar 16 at 10:16

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