I'm trying to create a list which consists of several calculations. next, the idea is to render it in a template.

This is what I have so far:

views.py :

def calculation(request, itemslug):

#All the Values ordered chronologically:  

values = Value.objects.filter(item__slug=itemslug).order_by('date')

dates = []
results =[]

#Create a list consisting of the dates

for value in values:
    a = value.date

#Peform a calculation per date

for date in dates:

    latestvalue = Value.objects.filter(item__slug=itemslug).get(date=date)['amount']
    paidup = CashFlow.objects.filter(item__slug=itemslug).filter(date__lt=date).filter(type='cashin').aggregate(sum=Sum('amount'))['sum']

       result = round(latestvalue/paidup * 100,2)
    except ZeroDivisionError :
       result = 0


return render(request, 'overview/detail.html',

unfortunately I get the TypeError : 'Value object is not subscriptable' + might be the case there are some other errors in my code.. Many thanks to have a look !!


  • I'd try removing [sum] lookup for paidup. Something like this may work CashFlow.objects.filter(....).aggregate(sum=Sum('amount')).sum – Cartucho Mar 14 at 19:36
  • its a queryset and not a dict – inthevortex Mar 14 at 19:41
  • 2
    ['sum'] is fine (aggregate() returns a dictionary). But ['amount'] in the line above isn't, get() returns an object (Value here). So: .amount – Endre Both Mar 14 at 19:44
  • yepla indeed !! Many thanks – TMD Mar 14 at 20:40

How about simplifying it a bit:

    latestvalue = Value.objects.get(item__slug=itemslug, date=date).amount
    paidup = (CashFlow.objects
        .filter(item__slug=itemslug, date__lt=date, type='cashin')
  • indeed many thanks !! – TMD Mar 14 at 20:40

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