I am trying to add flag icons in a Vaadin Flow Combobox using a customer ComponentRenderer:

new ComponentRenderer<>(locale -> {
            HorizontalLayout item = new HorizontalLayout();

            Span langIcon = new Span();
            langIcon.addClassNames("flag-icon", "flag-icon-" + getTranslation("App.Language.Flag", locale));

            item.add(new Span(locale.getDisplayLanguage(locale)));

            return item;

The icons come from flag-icon-css (see here) included via gradle compile dependency "org.webjars.bowergithub.lipis:flag-icon-css:3.3.0" and annotation @StyleSheet("frontend://bower_components/flag-icon-css/css/flag-icon.min.css") on my main layout class. In a different place with ListBox component, icons are shown as expected. However, when used via ComponentRenderer in a combobox nothing shows up.

Inspecting the HTML, I see that the <vaadin-combo-box-item> within ComboBox renders everything under its shadow root in contrast to <vaadin-item> within ListBox which renders it as <slot>. Why is that? And how could I use the flag icon CSS styles in combo box items?

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