public void testCheckbox() throws Exception 

    RequestBuilder requestBuilder =MockMvcRequestBuilders.get("/some /url/with/values").header("TOKEN", authToken)

    MvcResult result = mockMvc.perform(requestBuilder).andReturn();

    PDF pdf =  new PDF();


I am trying to write a junit test for pdf where i need to check a value for one of the checkbox

In the above pdf.getField(PDF.Field.CheckBox.checkbox8) is always returning false for me even though it is true.

  • Please share code of your mock response. – Amith Kumar Mar 14 at 20:08
  • Please include information which PDF library you are using. Is it itext? pdfbox? – Christoph Bimminger Mar 14 at 20:10
  • I am using pdfbox – Venkat Mar 14 at 20:37

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